Proudly Created by the Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting 2016

Legendary LOCAS Awards

The Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting (LOCAS) are pleased to announce our very first “Legendary LOCAS Awards”! Thanks to the generous donation from Yule Lose! It was a great pleasure to honor these wonderful lady shooters that have gone before us. We admire and respect all of these ladies for their endless enthusiasm for the sport we all enjoy so much!


Your LOCAS Admins


Ruby Jewel, Double A, Calamity Annie, Slicks Sharp Shooter, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Kathouse Kelly, Agarita Annie

Legendary LOCAS Awards Winter Range 2018


Here are your SASS 2018 Winter Range and EOT Legendary LOCAS Award recipients. Cat Ballou, Barbwire, and Justice Lilly Kate. Thank you, ladies, for leading the way!!!!!