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Hosting a LOCAS match

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Would your club like to sponsor a LOCAS Ladies Only match? Please see details below:


1. LOCAS (Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting) is a trademark-pending name and logo. All use of its logo for merchandise creations need to be approved by the Board of Directors of LOCAS.


2. A fee of $2.00 per shooter payable to LOCAS is required to utilize the LOCAS name. Every dollar received from clubs around the world will be used to fund LOCAS’ Cowgirl of Honor buckles and awards; its Legendary LOCAS buckles; and its Heart and Soul awards. No board member or administrator of LOCAS receives compensation for their leadership – they serve solely on a voluntary basis.


3. Themes and merchandise must not be vulgar or offensive and must adhere to LOCAS’ Cowgirl of Honor requirements.

To inquire about hosting a LOCAS match please send an e-mail to:


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