Heart and Soul

The Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting (LOCAS) have a special award that recognizes those cowboys that wholeheartedly support SASS, CAS, and LOCAS. We call these awards "Heart and Soul".  These cowboys are recognized as giving their heart and soul to our sport and in particular supporting us lady shooters. At any time you may bring a cowboy to our attention by sending us an email to locasinfo@gmail.com. Please let us know who they are and why they stand out.

Your LOCAS Admins


Ruby Jewel, Double-A, Calamity Annie, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Agarita Annie, Kathouse Kelli, Kay Sadeeya

Heart and Soul Award Recipients 



Jokers Wild, Ricochet Roy, Yul Lose, JJ Johnson, Trusy Dog, Mattell Sackett

Heart and Soul Award Recipients 



Bear Trap, Smokestack,  Yellow Bomber

Heart and Soul Award Recipients


Coffee , Black Raven Bob

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