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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to visit the Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting (L.O.C.A.S.) website! L.O.C.A.S. is a group of cowgirls that are dedicated to Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) and encouraging our cowgirl sisters in all things related to (CAS). With the help of our cowboys, we strive to constantly embrace new shooters into our wonderful world of CAS!  We are known for our prestigious Cowgirl of Honor award, and more recently our Legendary LOCAS award. We also support our cowboy counterparts and our youth as well. We live by the cowgirl code of ethics, which we call "The Cowgirl Way". Keeping our old west heritage is important to us and we welcome new folks to our world. Nothing but love, kind words, and encouragement are found among us.


Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting (LOCAS) is a group created and designed to encourage, support, and recognize the accomplishments of ladies in the world of SASS and CAS. Whether you are currently a lady shooting, would like to become involved in shooting or would like to encourage a lady in your life to shoot, then please join LOCAS and support us lady cowboy action shooters. This group is a safe place where we can support encourage and exchange ideas which are related to women who are Cowgirl Action Shooters. Cowgirls and Cowboys are both encouraged to join LOCAS with the intent to support lady shooters. Joining with intentions of self-promotion or solely promoting your business is not acceptable. Cowboy action shooting vendors are welcome here, but please keep it to once a month.


Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting

P.O. Box 2654, Valley Center, CA 92082

To order your pin please visit our website at

We highly recommend you purchase a pin as the proceeds go to fund our awards. We also have two raffles a year based on your pin number which is on the back of your pin. Raffles are in July and December.


Cowgirl of Honor Awards

LOCAS have implemented an award system called The Cowgirl of Honor, which recognizes the epitome of the “Cowgirl Way”.

The Cowgirl of Honor Award will be presented at the following SASS major events: Winter Range, End of Trail, The European Championship, and the Australian Regional.  Any cowgirl that participates in these events is eligible to win this award that epitomizes “The Cowgirl Way.” There will be a nomination box for registered shooters (Cowgirls and Cowboys) to cast their nomination. Cowgirls will be considered on:

▪ Enfolding and assisting new shooters.

▪ Support and encourage fellow shooters and the youth of our sport.

▪ Give back to the sport through local clubs; assisting posse; assisting hosting clubs as needed and as able.

▪ Encourage and inspire friendly competition.

▪ Respect your Flag and Country.

▪ Authentic and creative costuming.

All match competitors will be judged equally regardless of shooting class or age. If you happen to witness a cowgirl doing something extraordinary at any of these events, please drop a note in the designated nomination box.


Legendary LOCAS

Legendary LOCAS are women who have been involved in SASS and CAS from the beginning, and who have been the trailblazers for ladies in CAS. These awards are given every other year at EOT. Recipients may be nominated or suggested by emailing


Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul awards are given out periodically to our Cowboys who have been instrumental and highly supportive to LOCAS. Again, recipients can be nominated or suggested by emailing


Let’s get out to these shoots ladies and put our best Cowgirl of Honor boots forward!

Your LOCAS Admins


Ruby Jewel, Double-A, Calamity Annie, Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Agarita Annie, Kathouse Kelli, Kay Sadeeya