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February 9, 2018

As I was cleaning out my shooting closet the other day I started to reminisce about the fun I had shopping and wearing my costumes.  When I started shooting (about 20 years ago) I had no idea what to wear or where to buy it and I felt a little lost.  So, I found as many pictures as possible to see what other ladies were wearing to get some ideas.  I was not sure what my persona would be so I wasn’t quite ready to spend the big bucks.

Hi Ho Sliver, one of my favorite past times kicked in and  it was off to the resale and thrift stores.  I learned quite quickly how to shop with a purpose.  When going down the skirt aisle I look at the bottom of the rack to make sure they are long enough.  Now I don’t sew, even though I have machine (a passing fancy) but I am able to buy lace ready to sew on. It may not look the best, but the only one looking that closely to my skirt had best be my husband.  Justice Lily Kate turned me on to wearing your slip a little longer, ta da, lace on the bottom.

Now many of my friends will tell you I don’t leave home without my glue gun.  Yes I’ve glued many costumes together and they looked good.  One does what one must to look good.

Blouses are a different animal and challenge.  Start out looking at the sleeves, long or short.  It should be something that calls to you.  Then check out the style and neckline. You can find many blouses that look Victorian and work for our sport.  They will usually have high collars, long sleeves, and lace or ruffles of some kind. With a little work and time can find an entire outfit at thrift stores that includes skirts, blouse, slips, belts, shoes and even hats.



It’s really simple when looking for costumes.  Buy what you like or think will work for your character or persona. Per Judge Roy Bean “This is a fantasy sport after all”.  Our ranges, props, guns, and sometimes the terrain can be rough on our clothes.  I sure don’t mind ruining an outfit if I paid little to nothing for it.  And how can you not love EBay???? Before all these other women got into the sport, I was able to find great outfits at great prices lol and still do. Using search terms like, Victorian, SASS or cowgirl will help bring up items you might be looking for.  In the last few years many of the main matches have been having cowboy yard sales and, ladies, sometimes they can be a gold mine.  Shop with your eyes open, with your creative juices flowing, and money in your purse.


LOCAS is a great group to be a part of, everyone is willing to offer advice or help in finding something you might be looking for.  Many of our ladies sew for a fee and they do great work.


I hope my article has been of some help, remember I’m just an email away.


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Sass Swap Meet –Facebook

SASS Wire Classified



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