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Welcome to my world!

November 5, 2017

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Welcome to my world!

November 5, 2017


Welcome to my world won’t you come on in. Miracles I guess happen now a then, and getting this article written is one of them.  LOL!


The last few months have been nonstop running.  It started with my spending four weeks with the Red Cross helping Hurricane Harvey victims and praying that I would get back in time for Comin Back at Cha. And by the grace of GOD I did.   I got home on Sunday afternoon which left about six days to clean, pack and load the trailer to be ready to leave on the following Sunday. I have no shortage of costumes (this may surprise some of you), so that meant weather had to be checked and decisions had to be made.  BINGO, I was packed and ready to go.


Coming Back at Cha, is one great shoot and if you get a chance GO!!!!!  T-Bone and the Dooley Gang work hard to make sure everyone has a good shoot and great time.  They gave away 100 guns and T-Bone's methods are a bit different.  Every hour a cannon sounded and a shooter name was drawn.  After the name was announced over the speakers, the shooter had five minutes to claim the prize.  All shooting would stop when the cannon went off and T-Bone did have folks with golf carts out and about to get the shooter up to claim the prize. There were a lot of lady winners.


It did my heart good to see so many cowgirls dressed to the nines, shooting and having fun. Twenty years ago when I started shooting there weren’t many of us.  Our numbers are growing daily.


I felt it best to shoot the warm up match to make sure I could still find my sights.  I shot with a great group of people and had a great time.  (Which is code for "I didn’t shoot that well, but I looked good doing it").  The sights worked but the shooter was a little off.


Coming Back Atcha is a 3 day match with only four stages per day.  I like that because it allows some extra time to visit or shop.  We had a great posse from Wisconsin and the rest from Minnesota.  Those folks were shooting in the elder categories, but you would never know it.  Anita Nugun is 76 years old, and she might have been a little slow, but she shot a clean match and placed 1st in her category. It goes to show that no matter how old you are, anyone can enjoy our sport.


As like other matches, LOCAS came together for a group photo the night of the awards ceremony and we are many…..

 Double Tap running for gun she won.


 Daisy Dee shooting

I thought this was cool!

 Marie LaVoe waiting for her time to shoot.

Until next time, shoot straight and be happy!

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