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November 5, 2017

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First of all, it was a great honor to be asked to be in charge of this great “job”. As my co-host I asked MadCat with Gun, since she is a well-known and a great shooter around the world. In Europe this “Cowgirl of Honor” is not so well-known yet, but NOW it is. Misty Moonshine from SASS was so kind to present the “Cowgirl of Honor” event at the opening ceremony. A big thank to Misty and to the Czech Republic organizer that we got the time to hand out this price. As our helper to count up the votes we asked Kathouse Kelli to help us out.  A big thank to her too. She is so sweet and helpful (and also a COH winner).


We all had a great time in Oparany. The weather was great until Friday….then all the water in the world was falling down, so all shooting was cancelled this day, and all 9 stages that was left had to be shot on Saturday. But, we managed that too. Saturday evening we were going to hand out the COH. I was so excited to do this, finally Europe also had got the opportunity to hand out this award. We called out #3: From Austria; Crazy Lady, #2: From Germany; Jesse Bell and #1; From Italy; Wonder Bibi. I think the roof in the tent lifted when I called her name. She is well-known around Europe for her Cowgirl at Heart work.

So deserved. MadCat and I are so proud to be asked of be the hosts for this award in Europe, and we are more than happy to do this! See you all next time!


Love from


Katie Scarlett O’Hara and MadCat with a Gun, Norway


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