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My first day of shooting…By Double A – L.O.C.A.S. #20

August 14, 2017


Last October I entered the world of Cowboy Action Shooting. My husband Stubby Pete had been shooting for 10 years, we needed to do something together, since I knew quilting wouldn’t be an option I decided I would try shooting.
I started by keeping score the 1st month, not shooting, just watching. The second month I helped at the check-in desk. Our club has a monthly practice and I went, all by myself, which was the best thing for me, no hiding behind Stubby…. I was hooked!
The morning of my first match I was a bundle of nerves – I was so afraid of shooting something other than a target – Our club has so many wonderful shooters, each one helped me get through my 1st stage – Stubby checked on me before I went up…then it was over – no one got hurt, I hit a few targets and no P!! I did it!!!!!!!!!!
The rest of the day included my holster falling to around my ankles, falling in a gopher hole and having a hot shell fall down my blouse and burning me – I now have a scar the perfect size of a .45 cal.
Since last October I have acquired 10 skirts, 15 blouses, 3 hats, 5 pairs of boots, 6 corsets…When Stubby says “another new skirt” I remind him “careful what you wish for” .... all kidding aside we are loving this sport together.
For all the ladies that haven’t had their 1st match yet – it’s terrifying and exciting all at once. Since that first match I have gotten many P’s, a MDQ and horrible scores – but I am still as excited, just not as terrified as my first day and love being a part of this community!

See you on the trail!


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